VR Data viz for your phone

VR uses cities open source data to build VR videos for your phone.

All you need to try it out is a smartphone and the Youtube app.

All of the code is open source, allowing anyone to mashup their own city and data.

How to watch:

  • Install the Youtube app on your smartphone (iOs Android).
  • View one of the videos above.
  • Hold the phone up to your eyes and move around.
  • Bonus: if you have Google cardboard, get true VR

All our data comes from awesome open data sources: SF OpenData, OpenData Ottawa, and Twitter’s Streaming API

Open data Sources

More open data sources: OpenData.gov

The code is easy to re-use, just drop in your own CSV and render the new animation.

All of our code is open source, and well documented, visit our github repo for instructions.